50+ Local RV Owners Sought to Rent to Visiting Families for NHSFR

Released: June 15, 2021

Over 50 local RV or living quarters trailer owners are sought by June 28th that are willing to rent

out their units at reasonable cost to NHSFR contestant families coming to Lincoln this July 15-24. Many

visitors coming for “the world’s largest rodeo” are coming from too far to bring their RVs.


“The availability of rental RV's from local private parties is a key way that host communities make visitors feel

welcome for this international event," Managing Director Amy Dickerson said, “They need to stay on the

fairgrounds to take care of their horses and keep up with the busy competition and educational activities over

the 7 days of rodeo action.” Other visitors such as extended family, vendors, staff, fans and shoppers are

already filling up many local hotel rooms and campgrounds in addition to the on-fairgrounds camping.


The 2021 National High School Finals Rodeo is bringing up to 1,700 top high school competitors from 43 states,

Canada, and Mexico this year. Local leaders have coined this event as Nebraska’s "Superbowl of the Summer"

because the event is expected to bring in $16 million, or four Husker football home games’ worth of revenue,

to local businesses just in Lincoln/Lancaster County. Plus, further spending across the state as 30,000 unique

contestant families, vendors, fans and shoppers travel to and from this event that stretches over 2 weeks in



The going rate that contestant families are used to paying for local rental RVs in many previous locations is

$100/night, with no charge for early drop-off nights before they arrive, and a moderate deposit would be $500.

Early drop-off is encouraged to save RV owners time before the contestant check-in starts at noon on

Thursday, July 15, with fairgrounds’ driveways full Thursday-Saturday.


“We can reassure local RV owners that as we’ve talked with other host facilities that we haven’t found any

examples of rental RVs being mis-treated. This is a hard-working, disciplined group that has worked hard for

years to arrive at this highest level of rodeo competition before many go pro or compete at the college level,”

said Dickerson.


Everyone is asked to immediately get the word out to local RV owners to join the Facebook group “NHSFR

Lincoln RV Rentals Needed” to see and communicate with NHSFR visitors seeking rental RVs or to call the

LEC Fairgrounds office at 402-441-6545, option 0 and ask for RV Rental Coordinator Alex Nervig.