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You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Here we'll share all the answers to frequently asked questions we get related to contestants and their families. Check back often for updates as we get closer!


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Where will everything be at on grounds? Where am I allowed to drive a golf cart or walk my horses? 

We have created an event map indicating where each of the rodeo events, on-site services, golf cart and horse traffic and more are located. It is available here.

Golf carts are ONLY for contestants and their families.

Note we will be sharing a separate map with contestants and families that indicates traffic flow for check-in.


I rented an RV and need info about early drop off. 

• RV Lessees must provide the RV owners with the Contestant's qualifying state and name.
• Rented RV's may be moved onto the property July 8–July 14.
• RV owner must call LEC Fairgrounds to set up an appointment July 5-July 14 to move into the Contestant's assigned campsite. (Call 402-441-6545 Option 0 M-F 8am-5pm)
• Contestant's MUST have reserved a campsite with their state secretary in order for a rented RV to come onto the grounds (info in your contestant housing packet.
• If your RV owner cannot drop off that morning or prior to then, give us a call at 402.441.3860 to schedule your drop off. 


My state team had a few 'waitlists' and 'dry camping' spots when signed up for housing. Do I need to make a reservation for them through the dry camping portal? 

Anyone that made wait list / dry camping reservations through State Secretary DOES NOT need to make an online dry camp reservation as the State Secretary dry camp reservations by paper will be honored first. There are plenty of dry camping spots for the teams, and we will be placing the teams together by state like we do in full service campground.


I have questions about horse stalls. 

Please view our Stalling FAQ page here.


Is there any extra dry camping available near the grounds for extra family and friends? 

Yes, there will be limited dry camping available directly across Havelock Avenue to the north on grounds we have leased for this event. Anyone who wants to make reservations for this can do so through the dry camping portal here. NOTE: Contestant families that made dry camping reservations through their State Secretary DO NOT need to make a reservation through the portal.

There is sewer “honey wagon” services available to reserve as well as water truck services to reserve.


When is the General Store open?

General store open hours are available here. 


Where can I find NHSRA membership information?

For qualifying or entry information and paperwork please go to the NHSRA web site here.