Contestant Camping

Camping Registration Opens in 2021

Camp under the Nebraska skies at the back of our grassy grounds. You’ll be located close to the action not far from the main performance arenas, practice arenas as well as the buildings where the NHSFR Lincoln Rodeo & Horse Expo, meetings and Cinchtown will be located. 

You will reserve and pre-pay for your spot prior to July 2021 through your State/Province Secretary.


Note: Camping spots will be reserved primarily for contestants with a priority system run by each State/Province Secretary. 

If you need additional camping or other lodging for your family and friends, check out our Lodging page including special hotel discounts and limited dry camping options

It’s not too early to make reservations now to get the prime spots though the Lincoln area will have plenty of room for all your family and friends!

Camping amenities include:

High-speed Wireless Internet: 

Services Available for Added Fee: 

Reserve Sewer or Water Truck Service Here


Do you need an RV to borrow or lease?   

As a courtesy, we have created a Facebook groups for you to connect with local RV owners that would be willing to let you lease or loan. The pricing and agreements are between private parties – there is no guarantee or vetting done within this Facebook group. Click on the link below to join the group.

NHSFR Lincoln RV Rental

Posts should start with:
WANTED type and size of RV, dates, and desired budget

Information on early drop off:

• RV Lessees must provide the RV owners with the Contestant's qualifying state and name.
• Rented RV's may be moved onto the property July 8–July 14.
• RV owner must call LEC Fairgrounds to set up an appointment July 5-July 14 to move into the Contestant's assigned campsite. (Call 402-441-6545 Option 0 M-F 8am-5pm)
• Contestant's MUST have reserved a campsite with their state secretary in order for a rented RV to come onto the grounds (info in your contestant housing packet.
• If your RV owner cannot drop off that morning or prior to then, give us a call at 402.441.3860 to schedule your drop off.