Stalling & Horse Leasing

Stalls will be assigned in state/province groups where possible except stud stalls. Stalls will be inside or outdoor covered with variety of footing from concrete with included rubber mats, dirt, grass and small gravel. You will know your type of stall footing upon check-in. There will be a limited amount of rubber mats available for rent ($75/stall for event with self-install) on first come, first served basis upon check-in—we suggest you bring yours if possible.

Stalling Area Map Here is closeup view of Stalling area to see where Horse Check-in, General Store, Wash Bays, Hay, Shavings are all located.  Any stall-related questions, please see General Store--event info, snacks, beverages, buy hay/shavings, campground questions etc. 

Stay tuned for a Stall Number Map in future.


Do you need a horse to borrow or lease?

As a courtesy, we have created aFacebook groups for you to connect with local horse owners that would be willing to let you lease or loan. The pricing and agreements are between private parties – there is no guarantee or vetting done within these Facebook groups. Click on the link below to join the group.

NHSFR Lincoln Horse Lease & Loan

Posts should start with:
WANTED, dates, and desired budget