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Volunteers are key to the success of the NHSFR Lincoln! 

This event will bring huge economic impact to our county and to the State of Nebraska while supporting this national youth organization, which gives $2 million in scholarships annually. 

The event will occur on the Lancaster county's fairgrounds - the non-profit Lancaster Event Center at 4100 N 84th St - on the eastern edge of Lincoln not far from the Waverly exit of I-80. Come join our fun team where you'll be part of the "family" as we make the NHSFR feel welcome their first year back in Nebraska in several decades. 

If you or your group are interested in volunteering, review the information on the red "Sign Up" button and in each tab within to choose the volunteer roles of interest. 

Be sure to check out the numerous benefits to being a NHSFR Lincoln volunteer, including ways to earn FREE tickets to the performances!

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