Be a part of Welcome Activities

Be a Part of Welcome to Lincoln Day 

When: Friday, July 17 

Welcome Day Hours: 10am - 10pm (with peak attendance afternoon to early evening)

For Whom: 1,700 high-school contestants and their families plus rodeo vendors and staff arriving for first NHSFR to be held in Nebraska in decades. 99% of NHSFR Lincoln visitors will be from out-of-state including from 43 states, 5 Canadian provinces, Mexico and Australia. The NHSFR contestants are required to wear their back numbers both on and off the grounds making them and their families easily recognizable. 

What's planned so far & how can you get involved? 

Welcome Signs: 

Official paper signs in windows, digital signs all across Lincoln & Lancaster County

Special Discounts, Offers & Giveaways: 

Featured Tours & Experiences:

Available during the day - could be what you normally do or beefed up for this special day!

Do you have a tour you'd like to offer? Let us know in the form below. 

Ride into The Railyard Downtown Welcome Celebration: 

Do you have a game or prize you can contribute? Do you want to be a sponsor to help fund the band and receive space to share your message? Let us know in the form below.